Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide by J. Mark Bertrand was an excellent novel. I have not read the two previous books in the Roland March series, but Nothing to Hide stood on its own feet without their help. I'm sure the other books will further show me what I already know about Bertrand: that he weaves a phenomenal mystery and has great character development.

Detective Roland March is given a corpse to identify and find justice for through tracking down its killer. As twisted as murder is already, it only gets more tangled up when the FBI makes a point to talk to March. Who is March supposed to believe when politics is hampering his investigation?

One of the brilliant things about this novel is how Bertrand brings together different stages of March's life seamlessly. All the minor details that readers don't always notice are paramount to the grand scheme.

*I was given a free copy by Bethany House Publishers in return for an honest review.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love in Disguise

Carol Cox's novel Love in Disguise blew me away. I have never read anything like it in Christian fiction before. This probably has to do with Christian authors being hesitant to address the issue of theater and acting. Cox, however, dives right into the issue.

Ellie Moore grew up in the theater community. It's all she knows. So when she loses her job as a wardrobe assistant, Ellie has few options left to her: starve with her dignity in tact or lose even that to put food in stomach. That is until she hears of an opening at Pinkerton Detective Agency. She is given the job eventually. It is a job which will truly test her acting abilities.

Throughout the novel, Ellie's perception of God is challenged - how can He be both wrathful and loving? - as well as her choices for the future.

Cox integrates all these questions naturally into the story without ever preaching. Her strong characters all but walk off the page.

*I was given a free copy by Bethany House Publishers in return for an honest review.